About Nick Amster

Nick Amster, Inc. is a private, non-profit operation serving over 100 adults with Developmental Disabilities in Wayne and surrounding counties. Our program offers adult day programming, community involvement, vocational training, in-house employment, enclaves, community employment, homemaker personal care, transportation, social activities, and onsite nursing services. Individuals are served by a tenured and well-trained staff.

Management Team

Vanetta Mast

Chief Executive Officer

P 330.264.9667 EXT. 302

F 330.264.9668

 Tricia Huffman

Programs Manager
Special Olympics Coordinator

P 330.345.7979 EXT. 352

F 330.345.0996

Heather White 

Human Resource Compliance Manager

P 330.264.9667 EXT. 304

F 330.264.9668

 Carrie Benner 

Finance Manager

P 330.264.9667 EXT. 301

F 330.264.9668

Jared Riblet

Production Manager

P 330.264.9667 EXT. 307

C 330.465.0072

All Nick Amster associates complete the mandated Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities training and are certified. Every staff member is subject to state and federal background checks and Ohio DODD Abuser Registry screening.