Nick Amster Services

Nick Amster offers a full-time social-recreational day program option. This program has been designed to 
promote a creative, enthusiastic, and exciting environment for all who attend. The program allows 
individuals the opportunity to engage in fun and exciting community outings and adventures, expand 
their social skills, have volunteer opportunities, interact with local community members, and create their 
own person-centered experience based on personal goals and interests.  
Nick Amster, Inc. also offers a vocational program that consists of in-house production jobs at our WIC 
facility. The program provides vocational employment and training, teaches job skills, and reinforces 
concepts related to work including responsibility, attendance, task completion, problem-solving, social 
interaction, motor skill development, and safety. These jobs are paid positions doing work for local 
corporations. Individuals can earn an income, develop work and social skills, all while learning at a pace 
that suits them. With a variety of jobs to choose from,  individuals are able to learn many different 
skill sets and explore what jobs are best for them.  
Individuals can choose to attend either program 1-5 days a week, Monday – Friday, or mix and match so 
they may experience both programs. Please note, participation will be based on frequencies in the 
individual’s OhioISP.  
For more information, please contact our CEO, Vanetta Mast ext. 302 Email –